Our story is as sweet as our menu & driven by a simple idea that food doesn't have to have boundaries.  We cling to the homestyle traditions we were raised on & toss in our own unique blend of food & atmosphere.  We are a small family owned & operated business and we intend to keep it that way.  Husband, wife & daughters are the ones behind the scenes doing things the hard way (or as we call it, the right way) because to us, fresh is best.  Our spudnuts are made and rolled out by hand, making each one perfectly imperfect & every meal we send out of our little kitchen is scratch made, carefully prepared & straight to your table.  Doing it this way can take a little time, but man can you tell the difference!  If you haven't seen our one of a kind meals for yourself, or you're craving another round, stop on by... we're happy to have ya!

Hand selected, carefully prepared & made from scratch, just the way grandma taught us.  Her passed down recipes & love of eating dessert first inspires our menu to be as one of a kind as she was